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Consuelo Arriagada, M.Ed.

Registered Provisional Psychologist

Providing counselling and therapy services in English and Spanish

En Español

Hello, I’m Consuelo

Working with a therapist can be an experience full of unknowns. Sometimes, clients may feel vulnerable. By being warm and approachable, I try to make it easier for people to feel comfortable. It’s very important to me to be genuine. I enjoy laughing with my clients, while simultaneously creating a space where they feel safe to work through difficult emotions.

I always listen to my client’s preferences. I try to adapt my work to them, and my aim is to create a collaborative relationship with my clients. I like to pay attention to people’s feelings and sensations, encourage self-awareness, and try to understand the meaning of what someone is experiencing. I believe that by creating insight to what is happening in the moment, we can learn valuable information about the ways in which people live in the world and are affected by it.

I also understand that we are part of a bigger picture, and I try to keep in mind that my clients move in many circles: family, friends, and society at large. In this sense, I like to pay attention to a person’s relationships, be it with themselves or others, as well as the ways in which the system is affecting someone’s life. A strong interest of mine is working with individuals who are learning to have a healthy relationship with themselves, and who want to transform a history of shame into one of self-love.

I welcome adult clients of all backgrounds, gender identities, gender expression, sexual orientation, and body size. Polyamorous clients welcome.

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